I had walked by this building many times (yes, it’s the same one from my last post) and was intrigued enough to take some photos, even though it’s completely different from what I normally shoot.



Although a part of me always feels that they’re nothing special, they are the first images I didn’t need to edit for light or colour.  Yes, sometimes I just do that for fun.  But it was amazing to me to be able look at them on my computer and be happy with them exactly they way they were.


I learned a lot that day about light, framing, and focus.  As much as I love learning from others, it was pretty amazing to figure some of it out myself!



One thought on “Beginnings

  1. Wow…you made, through your photos, this old tired, deserted warehouse and property very interesting to look at. You managed to get great lighting, angles and views. Super!

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