Last year my fiance and I heard of a place called Newfoundout, a ghost town in our local area. Although it was more community than town, only 13 families settled there. We finally made our way to check it out a few weekends ago!

According to the Public Land Act (1853): “One hundred acres will be given free to any settlers, 18 years of age, who shall take possession of the Lot within one month from the date of his application, erect on it a house, 18 by 20 feet, put in a state of cultivation at least 12 acres in the course of four years, and live on the Lot during the period. Should he fulfill these conditions he will obtain an indisputable titles to the land, but failing to do so, it will be sold or given to another.”

Between approximately 1860-1890, these 13 families tried to make a living on farms on this colonized road. Unfortunately it was not good land for farming, and very isolated. The children walked 6 km to and from school up the mountain road. By 1948, the area was deserted and now makes for a fun afternoon adventure!

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