Louisbourg Lighthouse Coastal Trail

In August, my fiance and I did a road trip to Newfoundland! This was a trip I had been wanting to do for years, and I finally was able to make it happen. Our first coastal stop was actually in Nova Scotia at the Louisbourg Lighthouse. We walked part of the coastal trail while we were there.

The Louisbourg Lighthouse that stands there today is the fourth in the line of lighthouses at that site. It was built in 1923 and was staffed until 1990. The first lighthouse was built between 1730 and 1734 to assist in navigation to the Fortress of Lousibourg, which you can see across the bay from the current lighthouse. It was the first lighthouse to be built in Canada.

Overall, it is a beautiful trail, and we wish we had had time to go farther. It is a trail for all ages and abilities, and a great historic site!

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