Gros Morne Mountain

Gros Morne Mountain. The reason I wanted to go to Newfoundland. Well, besides the fact that it’s beautiful and full of amazing things to do!

My family did a trip to Newfoundland when I was 14. We climbed Gros Morne Mountain, and I’ve always wanted to go back and do it as an adult.

At 806 m, it is the second highest mountain in Newfoundland. It’s actually a slice of Arctic tundra, much farther south than usual.

It was long, it was hard, and it was absolutely worth it! The views (and the workout) are beyond words. Pictures don’t even come close. The feeling of standing up there, knowing you made that climb, taking in the whole experience… It’s just the best.

I know there are so many other mountains to tackle, equally hard and equally rewarding. For me though, Gros Morne Mountain has been a must since the first time I climbed it 14 years ago. And I’m so glad I was able to share this experience with the two most important beings in my life, my adventure dog and my fiance!

Gros Morne Mountain… you have my love!

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