The Polaroid Camera

For Christmas, I was gifted a Polaroid camera! It’s an updated take on the classic Polaroid; really the only difference is you plug it in to charge it. And I absolutely love it!


Although I never had a Polaroid as a child (I desperately wanted one!), it definitely brought me back to the time where I saved all my money to buy and develop film. I love that this only takes about half an hour to fully develop! But don’t you dare look at it before it’s finished or you’ll likely mess it up.

Trying out the timer! And we checked it before it was done.

I do really love my DSLR. The crips clarity and colours I can capture, the way I can chose my settings (yes, I still have tons to learn), and how I can take hundreds of photos just to get the one perfect shot. Which is something you definitely cannot do with a Polaroid!

Polaroid’s first outing to Eagle’s Nest, it develops slightly green because of the cold.

I think in a lot of ways, it’s more challenging to take a good picture with the Polaroid. It has definitely challenged me in a lot of ways that a DSLR doesn’t. It captures light very differently, and the viewfinder is not the exact same view as the lens, among other things. I love each camera equally, and love the differences in the final product.

Who knew selfies would be better on a Polaroid?

I think one of my favourite things about the Polaroid is that you’re stuck with whatever moment you capture! I end up loving a lot of the photos more because of that. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun! Now if only film wasn’t so expensive…

Aiko did not enjoy this one, but I love it!

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