Mazinaw Rock

Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park is probably one of the most beautiful rock faces I’ve ever seen. It stands 92 m above the lake and is approximately 1.5 km long. The lake itself is one of the deepest lakes in Ontario, at a depth of 145 m. Mazinaw Rock was created by an earthquake, you can actually canoe all the way around it, although it takes a full day and you’ll have to portage a few times!

The rock face is covered in pictographs, and is considered the largest collection of visible pictographs in Canada. Mazinaw gets it’s name from the Algonquin language, and means “painted rock”.

Although we did canoe over, we only did the hike to the cliff top this trip, and didn’t make it over to see the pictographs. In a normal season, the park offers a boat tour where you can learn more about the history of the park and view the rock face up close.

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