Oiseau Rock

Over the Thanksgiving Weekend (here in Canada), my family and I went for a hike at Oiseau Rock. The hiking trail is on Algonquin Territory, and along the trail you’ll find information signs detailing the importance of locations and sites to the Algonquin Peoples as well as some spectacular views!

Oiseau Rock is named for the Peregrine Falcon, an important bird to the First Peoples of Quebec. And an impressive bird in its own right!

The fist lookout, looking towards Petawawa and Pembroke in Ontario.

Normally, my family and I boat up the river to the beach at the base of the rock face. This time, we drove and did the full 8 km return hike. If you do decide to drive, the road is very rough and steep at times and there is no cell service, so make sure you’re prepared!

The hike from the beach is approximatley 1.5 km to the top, and about 150 m elevation. It’s very fast and intense! Although the drive was rough, I personally enjoyed the hike in from the parking lot better. You really get the enjoy the forest and the land and see more of the history of the area. Although we didn’t do the bottom part of the hike when we drove, you can do all of it in one day if you chose!

The view from the top of Oiseau Rock.

If you go in the summer, there is also a lake at the top where you can swim. There’s even a rope swing if you head a bit father down the trail towards the parking lot! Of course, if you boat in, there tons of swimming at the beach or in front of the rock face. There are also pictographs on the rock face, although I’ve never been able to find them. Unfortunately it’s now covered in lots of graffiti.

I didn’t get any pictures of my family on this hiking trip, but here’s Aiko to finish this off! Dogs are allowed, and can be off leash if you chose. Aiko of course had a blast, he even went swimming! In October! Brrr.

For more information on visiting Oiseau Rock, check out their website: http://tourisme-pontiac.com/listing/loiseau-rock/

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