Griffith Uplands Trail

A few weekends ago, we went to hike Griffith Uplands Trail. It was buggy, hot, and we got rained on, but it was worth it! It was challenging without being exhausting, and the views were spectacular!

The Madawaska River from one of the lookouts.

It’s about 8.5 km in total with lots of steep ascents and descents. Lots of flatter spots throughout to give your legs a break though!

For some reason, this tree and boulder needed to have it’s picture taken!

There were lots of beautiful views, but the lookout at the end was our favourite!

There was also a Medicine Tree, which I’ll have to get a picture of next time! And there was a Thunderbird, which I do not know much about. If you know anything about Native Thunderbirds, I would love more information!

And of course, we can’t finish off a post about a hike without a photo of Aiko! He posed nicely all by himself this time!

He turned 8 on May 21st!

We’re definitely looking forward to doing this hike in the fall to catch all colours!

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