Stormy Sunset

We’ve been having a mix of heat waves and thunder storms for weeks now. I hate the heat, but at least we’re getting rain! A few weeks ago I went out after a storm had passed to try and catch the sunset and some storm clouds. Unfortunately I missed a rainbow, we saw it while driving down to the river but had nowhere to stop and take some photos.

I was able to capture this one just in time before the sun went down. The clouds cleared just enough to let the perfect amount of light through to light up the sky! I love the reflections on the river as well. It couldn’t have turned out better!

The water was super low as well, making a driftwood beach along a section of shoreline. The clouds were just starting to roll back in, and I love the last little peep of sun before we were in the dark.

Although I didn’t get as many photos as I was hoping, I’m so happy with how these two turned out! Maybe next time I’ll get the rainbow.

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