Long Weekend Sunset

We had a family dinner at my parents cottage on the Sunday of the August long weekend. The day was cloudy and rainy and not the greatest cottage day. But not too long after we finished eating, the sky started to clear and the golden glow of the setting sun was visible, it was so beautiful!

Everything started to light up orange and glow, it was almost blinding honestly!

The colours were just spectacular! It probably lasted at least half an hour, and of course my whole family was inside playing a board game and missed it.

Luckily I took more than enough pictures to capture all the colour! The best sunsets always seem to be after a storm clears. We even saw a very faint rainbow! I didn’t get a very good photo of it though, it was barely visisble.

Sometimes I wish there weren’t so many boats and docks around my parents cottage, it makes it hard to get clean photos. I do think this time I managed some pretty good ones though! And of course, here’s Aiko posing in the sunset glow to finish off this post!

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